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Convert your VHS and Camcorder tapes to DVD and Digital today!

We now convert cassette tapes to CD / USB!

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Find your recorded memories on VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV or Hi8 camcorder tapes or cassette tapes.

Order using the contact form below or contact us directly.

Drop round your tapes to our address in Olney.

Come and collect your order once it’s ready. You will be contacted when your order is ready for collection and you may pay upon collection.


£10 per tape, per copy for disc (DVD / CD)

£10 per tape, per copy for digital (MP4 file onto USB stick)

£10 for the USB stick itself (you can supply your own)

*Fast Turnaround*

  • How much does it cost?
    The price is £10 per tape plus £10 for the USB stick if you decide to go down this route.
  • What format should I convert my tapes to and what is the benefit of both?
    You can choose to have your tapes converted to either DVD or USB. A DVD can be played in a DVD player, games console or a computer / laptop that has a CD drive. A USB can be played in a smart TV or computer / laptop if it has a USB port. We recommend USB as they can be duplicated many times and saved on cloud storage ect to ensure you never lose them. A DVD can be easily damaged and therefore your conversions would be lost if not backed up.
  • I am worried about handing over my precious memories
    We understand how important your filmed memories are. That's why we take extra care to ensure there is no chance of any tape being damaged past their original condition and what you receive back will be the tape you first handed over.
  • Do I get the original tapes back after?
    Yes, you get them back in their original condition.
  • Will my tapes fit onto one disc or one usb?
    DVD's can hold around 3 hours of footage on them. USBs can hold as many tapes you wish and so they will all fit onto one stick.
  • What will the quality be like?
    This all depends on the age and condition of the tape. VHS tapes tend to have more quality issues than that of camcorder tapes. However many people are surprised by the good quality of the conversions and any tapes that are too damaged to convert will not be charged for.
  • How long does it take?
    This depends on the number of tapes. For 4 tapes or less we estimate just a few days or less, and around a week for anymore than this.
  • I'm not sure if my tape is blank
    We don't charge for blank tapes and are happy to try them to see if there is any content on them.
  • What forms on payment do you take?
    We take either cash or a bank transfer.
  • I don't want any TV recordings on the tape
    We are happy to edit your videos to remove any TV recordings, however this will need to be communicated when handing the tapes over, otherwise the tape will be converted in full.
  • Can you sort my tapes into date order?
    Each tape will have a number on them, starting with 1. That number will then correspond to either the name on the DVD disc or the file on the USB stick. It is the responsibility of the customer to number their tapes in the order they would like them displayed in.


You may order using the form below. If you prefer, you can contact us using the details below before ordering.

Remember you don't have to pay until you collect your order.

01234 608375

67 Limbrey Drive, Olney,

MK46 5GE

Thanks! We will get back to you!

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